Starbucks Is Not Having a Good Few Weeks

Starbucks is NOT having a good few weeks.

Brandon Ward said he went to a Starbucks in Torrance in January and asked for the code to use the restroom, but an employee refused to give it to him because he wasn't going to purchase anything.

He, told ABC News that he told the employee:

"OK, I'm going to make a purchase. Can I use your restroom?'"

The employee STILL refused.

Ward says then while he was waiting for his friend to pick him up, he saw a white man walk in, ask for the restroom code, and the employee gave it to him.

That's when he confronted the employee and was escorted out of the store by security.

Ward said he originally posted the incident online back in January, but it didn't get any attention until now....after video surfaced of two black men being arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks. 

Last week, the two men were arrested after a manager called 911 to tell police the men were trespassing. The men, were sitting at a table waiting for someone, and were told they either had to purchase something or leave.  The men refused.  Police came and the men were led away in handcuffs.

Other people in the store complained saying the men weren't doing anything and that they have been in that Starbucks and sat at tables without purchasing anything and were not asked to leave, and wondered if these men were asked to leave purely because they were black.  

The situation sparked protests and the hashtag #BoycottStarbucks.  

Here's the video of that situation.

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said, "What happened and the way that incident escalated and the outcome is nothing but reprehensible. And I'm sorry."

Johnson also said the manager at that Starbucks is no longer there, and that he wanted to meet with both the men in person to apologize. 

Ward, from the incident in Torrance, says apologies are useless unless significant changes are made.

He told ABC 7  that businesses should treat all their customers the same.

"If you have a policy, you should abide by those guidelines for everyone. You can't sit here and segregate things, so you might as well put on the store with your policy, 'Whites Only,' at the end."

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