Constand Denies Cosby Defense Claim That She plotted to Extort Comedian

Andrea Constand, a key witness in Bill Cosby's retrial on indecent assault charges, testified on Monday about her case against the comedian, while Cosby's defense attempted to characterize Costand as someone who was out to make a quick buck. 

Cosby's defense lawyer, Tom Mesereau was cross-examining Constand for a second day on Monday when he got to the question: 

“Did you ever tell someone that you could falsely accuse someone of sexual assault and make a lot of money?” Mesereau asked. 

Prosecutors objected the question, and Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O'Neill called a recess while lawyers on both sides argued whether or not the question was appropriate. When the matter was eventually settled, the damage to Constand by the question had already been done. 

(By the way, Constand denied the attorney's query with a firm, "No.")

When asked why she agreed to a $3.38 million settlement with the comedian in which Cosby did not admit to wrongdoing, she said she was glad to put the incident behind her. 

"I can't speak for him, but I was glad it was over," Constand said. "(I signed it) because it was a very painstaking process for me and my family, it tore my family apart and we just wanted it over," she said.

Cosby's retrial continued Monday afternoon with further testimony from Constand's mother. 

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