Barbara Bush Ailing

If you ask most people what they think of former First Lady Barbara Bush, they'll say something like, 'strong, confident, resilient.'

On Sunday, many of those words resurfaced after we heard the news that Mrs. Bush's health was failing, as a result of congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and that she has decided to live the rest of her life on her own terms.

Jim McGrath, the Bush family spokesperson said in a statement that the 92-year-old Mrs. Bush:

"...has decided not to seek additional medical treatment and will instead focus on comfort care in Houston.  It will not surprise those who know her that Barbara Bush has been a rock in the face of her failing health, worrying not for herself — thanks to her abiding faith — but for others.”

Mrs. Bush was First Lady from 1989-1993 and she and her husband, former President George H.W. Bush, have one of history's most endearing love stories.

The two met at a dance in 1941. He was 17, she was 16. Just over a year later, they were engaged just before he went overseas to fight in World Word II as a naval pilot.  They married in 1945.

In January, they celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary, making them the longest-married couple in presidential history.

Now THAT is true love. Check out the video below from last year taking you through their amazing story.

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