This Week's 'Head on a Stick!': GOP Assbly. Chad Mayes From Yucca Valley

because of course his name is chad

With friends like these, right? This week's 'Head on a Stick' belongs a particularly odious type of politician. 

Turns out, you can't trust anyone around in California. When it comes to filling up the tank, Californians already feel the pain more than most people in the U.S., so it's inconceivable to us that of all people, a GOP Assemblyman would defend the gas tax! 

That's why this week's 'Head on a Stick' is being awarded to a man who looks like every evil politician from every movie ever - GOP Assemblyman Chad Mayes (of course he's named Chad). This guy was so mediocre at his job, Mayes was removed as minority leader and will be succeeded by Brian Dahle on Sep. 15th. 

Carl DeMaio made an excellent case earlier about how Mayes is against the gas tax effort and is just another Sacramento politician who's looking to suck up more of your money through the pump! 

Boo! hiss! 

Photo: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

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