#MoOnTheMovies Looks At This Weekend's Releases & More!

It's Friday!  That means it is time for #MoOnTheMovies with @MrMoKelly!

This week, there really isn't much to look forward to. 

Sorry, just being honest...

But, if you are headed to the theater no matter what, and you don't know what to see, this week's biggest release is Rampage.

Usually paired with smaller companions like Kevin Hart or Moana, Dwayne Johnson is for once the diminutive one in “Rampage,” a hopelessly bland and bizarrely self-serious monster movie.

Johnson plays primatologist Davis Okoye in Brad Petyon’s adaption of a classic 1986 arcade game. Naturally, Okoye has some covert military history but — like so many highly trained international commandos — he’s now working at the San Diego Zoo. His time is especially focused on a hulking albino gorilla named George. They are pals, Davis and George, who fist-bump and play pranks on one another.

The two are actually a winning pair, but “Rampage,” unfortunately, isn’t the Rock-and-monkey buddy comedy (“The Guerrilla and the Gorilla”?) we might crave. “Rampage” is professional-looking, thanks to the well-integrated effects artistry of Weta Digital. We have become spoiled, perhaps, by affecting computer-generated primates thanks to the “Planet of the Apes” franchise. But George (played with motion capture by Jason Liles) still holds his own in the monkey-movie kingdom.

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That's pretty much the only movie that people are looking forward to this week.

I know, I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can really do about it.

The only other new release that's getting any big push is Truth or Dare, no matter how good or bad (the answer is bad) it might be.

Since this week's releases are obviously pretty meh, let's take a look ahead.

This week, two trailers were dropped for films that come out in a bit.

First, there's Solo.

Also, Incredibles 2 gave us a little more with a new trailer.

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