Is Eric Garcetti Running For President? Sure Looks Like It

Is Mayor Eric Garcetti running for president?

Here's something from the totally-not-a-coincidence files - Mayor Eric Garcetti is traveling to Iowa, the one of the nation's first caucuses for President. 

Mayor Yoga Pants is on a two-day trip as part of an effort to support Democrats running in the upcoming midterms in November, as well "learn what's on people's minds and to see how they can work together to move each other and our nation forward at a time when there is so little leadership from Washington," Yusef Robb, a spokesman for Garcetti said. 

In remarks made at a news conferences on Tuesday in Sacramento, Garcetti said Californians were the same as Iowans. 

``These divisions that there's the heartland and the coast to me are B.S.''Garcetti said in remarks reported by the Los Angeles Times.

``Los Angeles is the heartland, and Iowa is the cutting edge. They have 31.3 percent of their power generated by wind, by renewable, the highest in the country. They are a manufacturing capital like we are. They're a farm state; we're a farm state. I think we struggle with the same things: Will politicians listen to us? Will we have a country that brings us together rather than rips us apart?''

Garcetti's itenerary includes stops in Altoona to tour a new carpenter training facility with his fellow mayors from Des Moines and Altoona, Mayors Frank Cownie and Dean O'Connor. 

Photo: Getty Images

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