Another Day, Another Allegation Against President Trump

Did trump father a love-child in the 80s

Welp, it's Thursday, so that means the media must have dug up another salacious story about President Donald Trump.

Oh look, it's the The New Yorker's turn with something scandalous. 

Apparently a former Trump Tower doorman named Dino Sajudin tried selling a story to the parent company of the National Enquirer, who promptly killed the story, known in the business as a "catch-and-kill." 

Sajudin told reporters that Donald Trump had fathered a child with a former employee back in the late 1980s, even revealing the names of the mistress and alleged child to the paper. But, the National Enquirer never ran the story, making it appear to be another instance of the paper intercepting potentially embarrassing stories about Trump. The paper's editor, Dylan Howard said they didn't publish the story because the claims could not be proven. 

Former and current Enquirer staffers told The New Yorker that despite the fact they spent weeks verifying the former doorman's tale, at one point asking Sajudin to take a lie detector test (which he passed), the paper never ran the story. 

To their credit, The New Yorker admits that they were unable to find any evidence pointing to Trump fathering a secret lovechild. 

A spokesperson with the Trump organization has denied the allegations. 

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