Soulless Thieves Steal Equipment From Kids Choir

The International Peace Choir had their equipment truck stolen in Long Beach, only to find it 5 days later gutted in Compton.   

What We Know

  • The truck had been parked at a choir technician's residence when it was stolen.
  • It contained hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of choir equipment, including microphones, mixing boards and speakers.
  • The truck was discovered five days later in the city of Compton, where it was discovered that all of the equipment had been stolen.

Trudy Bagg, the technician who owned the house where the truck was stolen from, described the scene:

"They broke the lock on the driver's door, and then once they could get in, they hot-wired it, and the big padlock on the back was cut in half."

Check out a video of the International Peace Choir in action:

In an effort to help out the choir, a GoFundMe page has been set up for those who would like to contribute to buying new equipment.

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