Kicking 'Escape Rooms' Up A Notch with "MurderCo"

Do you like going with your friends to 'escape rooms'? Solving puzzles and working through clues as a team to get out within the time frame you're given?

Well, Jon Cooke, who spent more than 15 years designing the yearly horrors at Knott’s Scary Farm, decided to kick that idea up a notch.  So he started his own business, Plauge Productions.

The company spent months preparing and recently premiered their attraction, "MurderCo" at Black Market Escape Rooms in Upland, CA. 

It's a VERY GRAPHIC... R-rated horror experience.

The website describes the experience like this:

"MURDERCO is the nation’s first R-Rated horror escape experience. Uncover the mysteries of the high-priced, high-society underground black market sports ring enabling voyeuristic individuals to privately witness a live murder take place. 

Beyond the scant rumors found on the Black Web, not much is known about the enigmatic company. It is only after guests sign-up that the specific details of the ominous MurderCo will be revealed. For those brave enough to make the plunge after signing a waiver, dangerous secrets unravel, surrounding guests with terror.

MURDERCO is more than simply solving puzzles, combinations or finding keys to break out of a locked room. The high-level adventure incorporates unique entertainment elements matched with intense scenes of harsh violence, pitfalls and physicality."

But, Cooke told The Orange County Register,  visitors should expect a plot twist!

There are some rules, the experience is available to groups of 4-8 people, 18 and older and "in good health." (Yeah, so that means it's SUPER scary, violent and graphic!)

Black Market Escape Rooms is open Thursday - Sunday 3pm- midnight.  

Their address:  1120 W. 9th St. Upland 91786

Tickets: start at $45. No refunds or make sure you really want to do it! CLICK HERE for tickets.

For more information, call 909-921-9902

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