Wheel Of Fortune Fail!


It's a "C," not a "G."

Man that really sucks.

Ok, so this is just a funny/sad story (your emotional response is kinda dependent on if you find national embarrassment entertaining or not..).

Jonny was on Wheel of Fortune and he had the puzzle solved and ready to pay him $7,100.

Bingo bango, money in in the banko.

All he had to do was read "Flamenco Dance Lessons."

Therein lies the problem...

Jonny said, "Flamingo Dance Lessons.


Whether it was intentional or not, the rules state that you have to say the answer correctly, which Jonny clearly did not.

The next contestant read the puzzle properly, winning the money, and leaving Jonny standing there with confusion all over his face and embarrassment filling his gut. 

Read the full story at CBS News

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