Video Shows Cop Searching Mans Genitals at a Traffic Stop

A news Jersey man is claiming his rights have been violated after a New Jersey State Trooper conducted a personal body search of him at a traffic stop because he smelled like marijuana. 

A debate has been stirred up after the 23-year-old man is seen in the video being stopped and searched with latex gloves in his genitalia area. 

The man is seen to be visibly upset yelling that his treatment is unfair. 

"You better hope this is legal," he yells. "Did you find it? Did you find it? Yo, you guys are really ridiculous."

John Paff of the open-government group New Jersey Libertarians for Transparency, found the video once he heard of the mans intent to sue. 

“It was extreme, in my view, because of the cavalier attitude, the way this cop acted,” John Paff said to the Inquirer.  “This is outrageous.”

In a tweet posted, John Paff briefly explains the situation and links to the video posted to youtube. 

"Video: NJ Trooper, donned in latex gloves, searches man's crotch after allegedly smelling marijuana."

No drugs were found on the man, however, he did receive a ticket for tailgating. 

Although the incident took place in March 2017, the man is just now filing a notice of intent to sue. He is claiming that he was sexually assaulted as well as having his civil rights violated. 

Read more at Fox News 

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