California Still Hasn't Announced National Guard Deployment to Border

Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona have all answered President Trump's call to deploy its National Guard to the U.S.-Mexico border, with more than 1,500 Guardsmen heading there to support the new border security mission. Nearly 700 of those have arrived, with the remaining troops expected to arrive there later this month. 

But, there's one border state that has yet to announce a deployment of its National Guard - California.

That's not really a surprise. California has been at odds with the Trump administration and its immigration policies since the president took office. In March, the Trump administration sued California over its so-called Sanctuary state laws, saying the state protected illegal immigrants. 

A spokesperson for the California National Guard told ABC News that Brown is still considering the president's request. There are 55 California National Guardsmen currently providing support to law enforcement on the state's southern border. 

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