20-Year-Old Agoura Man Tries To Interview Every WWII Vet

Rishi Sharma is on a mission.

The 20-year-old Agoura man has made it his life mission to interview and record the stories of as many World War II veterans as he can.

Rishi started interviewing WWII veterans when he was a sophomore in high school, making his way to local retirement facilities, and asking to talk to the vets that lived there.

Since he started his interviews four years ago, Rishi has interviewed over 870 veterans in 45 states and Canada.

Even though he has barely scratched the service, he's running out of time with each passing day. 

As of last year, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs believed there to be 558,000 surviving World War II vets, with about 362 of them dying every single day.

Rishi is not from a military family, he is just extremely appreciative of the sacrifices that were made for him.

"They’ve given us the world that we have.  It’s truly amazing," he said.

Rishi started Heroes of the Second World War in 2016, a nonprofit that preserves interviews with WWII vets.

He also has a GoFundMe page that helps finance his project.  He has raised over $182,00 so far.

You can check out more of his interviews on his YouTube channel, Heroes of the Second World War

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