Springtime Beauty Can Be Toxic To Your Pet

We're full-on into spring and everyone is out in their yard planting things or just enjoying the spring beauty of plants and flowers while playing with their pets.

But did you know that some plants can be toxic and even deadly to your furry babies?

For example....innocent looking daffodils, yep, they're toxic to animals.

And those beautiful tulips that you want to plant in the yard? Did you know that they're deadly to pets? Especially the bulbs.

Linda Septon, with the Chula Vista Animal Care Sanctuary told NBC4 that lilies can also be deadly:

"Even a cat eating one petal or even some of the pollen from the stamens here, it can lead to kidney failure and death in 4 to 7 days,"

So keep in mind if you're out in the yard planting things, that if your dog is watching you, they may get the idea that you're burying something fun (like a bone) and may wait until you turn your back to dig up what you just planted...so take precautions to make sure they can't get to it, by using chicken wire or fencing to block off the area, or just avoid planting anything that could be toxic at all and instead plant some non-toxic stuff like: marigolds, sunflowers and daisies, all of which are perfectly fine for your pet to chomp on. (Some more suggestions of pet friendly plants are in one of the videos below)

The ASPCA has a printable list of toxic and non-toxic plants for animals, CLICK HERE for that info.

If you believe your pet may have ingested something toxic, call the ASPCA 24-hour emergency poison hotline at (888) 426-4435.

ASPCA put out a video years ago talking about 17 common poisonous plants. 

Of course, we don't want to freak you completely out...so here's some more ideas of safe plants to have around your pets. 

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