Prosecution Says Bill Cosby Paid Accuser $3.8 Million in Hush Money

A half-naked woman outside of the Bill Cosby trial this morning has been arrested after lunging in front of the comedian as he entered a Montgomery County courthouse this morning.

According to accounts from people on the scene, the woman charged at the 80-year-old man. Police quickly took down the woman and she was taken into custody. 

The topless woman had the words “women’s lives matter” scrawled across her chest. She was part of a group of protesters and a past actor on "The Cosby Show."

Cosby is charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault. The case in question is that of Andrea Constand. He's accused of drugging and sexually assaulting the former women's basketball coach at Temple University.

For the first time, the prosecution has publicly sai that Andrea Constand was paid $3.8 million in exchange for her silence. 

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele dedicated his opening argument to blunting defense attacks on the chief witness, Constand. 

He stated: "The evidence in this case will show that Andrea Constand didn’t come to us. What happened was, after this gets released, we go to her. And we ask if she’s willing to help the commonwealth."

He asked the jury to be prepared for a hazing recounting. 

"You're going to hear her describe to the best of her ability what happened," Attorney Steele said. "When I say to the best of her ability, make sure you consider those pills and that glass of wine because then he [Cosby] helped her to a sofa. She’s unconscious, she’s jolted. And she’s herself being violated."

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