Nun Left Behind Thanks To The California Habit Patrol

Last week, the Sisters of Santa Teresita found themselves in quite a bind.

They had just picked up a priest visiting from India at LAX, when suddenly, during rush hour traffic, their van broke down on the 605 freeway in Duarte, and they couldn't get it out of the way.

And, even though they're nuns, they didn't escape the angry eyes of commuters. (who were likely cursing them for causing the delay)

The Metro Freeway Patrol tried to help them thinking they were out of gas, but Sister Michelle Clines said she tried to tell them it wasn't a gas problem....the car had no power at all.

Thankfully, CHP officers Dean Warren and Jeremy Tolen, who are now hearby known as the 'California Habit Patrol', happened upon them and checked to see if they were ok and helped get them out of traffic.

Sister Mary James told NBC4:

"He comes to the window and he says, sisters, do you know how many people behind you are very upset? Like mad? Yeah we know, just get us off.  God Bless them, they were great.  That was the divine intervention that God sent them."

The CHP says it was their pleasure to help out the superfluity of sisters.   (look it up, that's what the Oxford Dictionary says a group of nuns is called)

The sisters say the CHP officers and the Metro Freeway Patrol are in their prayers.

But now they're down one of the two donated vans they had that helped get the nuns to medical appointments.  Will there be another divine intervention?  Perhaps a local car dealership?

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