Kid Ruins Mom's Surprise

I don't have children myself, but I have a lot of nieces and nephews, so I know that sometimes, when they're little and excitable, they can ruin even the best of surprises.

One South Florida mom found this out in the most hilarious way. (At least it was hilarious to me!)

Chanelle Mendoza lives in Palmetto Bay, Florida.  She's pregnant, so she decided to do a 'gender reveal' party.

Apparently, these parties are all the rage. They usually involve a balloon with pink or blue colored confetti inside or a cake colored blue or pink in the middle, only revealed to party attendees when you pop the balloon or cut into the cake.

In this case, it involved a large black balloon.

The incident was caught on Chanelle's home security camera, and from what we can see in the video, Chanelle has at least two little boys, one of which just LOVES his plastic sword.

Now, Chanelle was able to keep the balloon away from the boys, locking it in a bedroom, until they were ready to leave for the party.  BUT...on their way out to their car, the youngest son decided to use his sword to slay the big bad balloon, sending pink confetti flying everywhere!

Now, you can't hear what she does next, but the obvious 'mom look' is apparent.

WSVN said that when Chanelle asked her son why he popped the balloon, he simply said:

"I wanted to see what was inside."

Congratulations on the baby girl Chanelle! 

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