FBI Raids Trump's Attorney Michael Cohen

President Trump is nothing short of pissed regarding the FBI raid on the office and hotel room of his personal attorney, Michael Cohen. 

Trump told a pool of reporters that he sees the raid as an attack on his presidency. "It’s a disgraceful situation. It's a total witch hunt. It’s an attack on our country. It’s an attack on what we all stand for. So when I saw this and heard this, I said, 'That is really now on a whole new level of unfairness.'"

The FBI seized multiple records, some including the $130,000 payment to pornstar, Stormy Daniels. 

“The stock market dropped a lot today, as soon as they heard the noise, you know, this nonsense that was going on,’’ the President said. “It was up, it was way up. It dropped quite a bit at the end.”

The President also commented on his attorney general, Jeff Sessions. 

“The attorney general made a terrible mistake when he did this and when he recused himself, or he certainly should have let us know if he was going to recuse himself and we would have put a different attorney general in,’’ Trump said. “So he made what I consider to be a very terrible mistake for the country.”

According to the New York Post, the search does not appear to be directly related to the Mueller investigation, but the lead is believed to come from information that Mueller uncovered and provided New York prosecutors.  

Trump also said investigators should focus more on Hillary Clinton's emails, saying: "They're not looking at the other side." 

The Washington Post reported that Cohen is being investigated for possible bank fraud and campaign finance violations, according to a source familiar with the case.

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