Headed to Vegas? Don't Forget Eddie World!

Where is Huell Howser when you need him?  (Rest In Peace Huell)

Have you seen that huge 65-foot tall ice cream sundae off the I-15 halfway to Las Vegas that says Eddie World?

Well, do yourself a favor next time you see it and take a little extra time to head the 13 miles east to Yermo to see what it's all about.

Why?  Well, it's being dubbed as the 'happiest travel stop' on earth!

They've got: Tesla charging stations, fueling stations plus food that their executive chef says will change how you think about gas station food.  The Eddie World website describes their food offerings like this:

"From Pizza, Poke, Natural fresh-made sandwiches and salads you are assured a guilt free dining experience. Did I mention guilt, we also have the largest selection of candy in California. With our homemade Ice Cream and Caramel Corn there is plenty of guilt available if you're interested."    

And, they are PET FRIENDLY!  From their website:     

"Our quality dining experience will offer convenient takeout and indoor plus patio seating for you and your pet.   As dog owners we have designed our store to assure you and your pet a welcome home during the hot summer months." 

In addition, their owner, Alex Ringle, brags they have the 'cleanest restrooms' on the I-15. According to NBC 4, Ringle:

"...describes them as the "Bellagio" of restrooms. The bathrooms are partitioned from floor to ceiling, with self-sanitizing door handles and interactive games at the urinals for men.  The website promises their cleanliness, 'We are dedicated to clean bathrooms, it is our passion, period.'"

So next time you need a make a pit stop, hold it for a few extra miles and head out to Eddie World.

Find out more about Eddie World.

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