Parents of YouTube Shooter Speak Out: "She Could Never Hurt One Ant"

Well, she may have never hurt an ant, but she (unsuccessfully) tried to murder several people who worked for YouTube.

The parents of Nasim Aghdam have spoken out for the first time since her shooting rampage at YouTube's headquarters earlier this week.

"Right now I'm thinking, she never hurt one ant. How [could] she shoot the people?" her father said in an interview with ABC News.

The interview was conducted on what would have been Aghdam's 39th birthday. Her father recounted how angry his daughter was with YouTube and how he tried to warn police that she may be on her way.

"They said, 'Don't worry about,'" Ismail Aghdam said. "'Under control.'"

Meanwhile, former fans/viewers of Aghdam's YouTube videos are coming forward and apologizing for making fun of her content and laughing at it. Comparing themselves to cyberbullies, they're trying to relives themselves of some guilt.

"Some of her videos in Farsi had got famous in the Persian community because she acted weird and was talking crazy. People were actually laughing at her stupid videos," one Reddit user wrote.

"I feel guilty," Sahar Motallebi wrote on Facebook. "Although I only laughed at her and never shared her posts … we all saw there is an issue with her and we only entertained ourselves or kept quiet about the cyberbullying going on."

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