LAX Wants to Eliminate Awkward Bathroom Moments

Get ready for a luxury bathroom experience at the airport. Sounds crazy right. 

Well, LAX is testing out a new pilot program with 'smart restrooms." According to ABC7, the restrooms, created by Tooshlights, will now have a new feature of a red-light green-light system, alerting users of its availability. "We're trying to eliminate a worldwide epidemic of not knowing which stall is available," says Allen Klevens, founder of Tooshlights. 

Besides stop and go signals, the bathroom has a sensor that counts people and lets the maintenance staff know when it's time to clean up. Users are also able to give real-time feedback via a smart-pad.

"Customers can let staff know the toilet paper needs to be refilled, or the restroom needs cleaning all through this smart-pad," said the vice president of Infax, Tracy Davis. 

There is only one smart bathroom and it's in terminal four, but if everything flows well more could be coming to the airport.

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