Hollywood Welcomes MBS

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is 32-years-old.  He's known simply as MBS.

Back in June, King Salman changed the line of succession and put MBS next in line for the throne, by forcing his much older cousin to step down.  (Bet that makes for awkward family gatherings!)

MBS has been described as the most 'socially progressive' crown prince in history and the things he's done since taking over as crown prince have the country buzzing about his future.

Right now, he's on a 3 week tour of the U.S. including an event tonight in Beverly Hills at the Four Seasons (because where ELSE would a Saudi prince want to be?) hosted by his nonprofit, the Misk Foundation, which has a focus on inspiring and empowering millennials, in industries like technology, art and education.   (According to Naif Alobaidallah, MBS is even focusing on empowering...women!) 

According to ABC7:

"Experts say the 32-year-old prince is looking for potential investment opportunities and political alliances."

Well, it looks like he has a political alliance already.  He has a close relationship with the Trump administration, speaking at the White House just last week. 

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