Baby Duck Vs Baby Goat - Who Will Be Crowned As Cutest Baby Animal?

Baby Animal Bracket Final Round - Baby Goat vs Baby duckling

"The Miracle on Ice." "The Rumble In The Jungle." "The Catch." 

These are the greatest moments in sports history. They are the best examples of pure sportsmanship, and how an athlete's pure discipline, and determination of will can help them beat their opponents - even when the odds are stacked against them. 

And now, we can add the 2018 Baby Animal Bracket to those magic moments in sports history all thanks to the incredible Cinderella story Baby Goat has given us over the last few weeks of Baby animal bracket action.  

As a humble #16 seed, Baby Goat stunned the nation, no, the WORLD, when he became the first #16 seed to knock out a #1 seeded Team. The Baby Harp Seal didn't see Baby Goat coming who nimbly skipped past his opponent in the first round with a close 51 percent of the vote. 

The confidence gained by his first win helped propel Baby Goat past Baby Deer by winning 58 percent of the vote, a vast improvement over his first round performance! From there, Baby Goat was on cruise control as he danced away with an incredible 77 percent of the vote over Baby Kitten in round four action.

Baby Giraffe tried to put a stop to Baby Goat's domination, but it was no use. Baby Giraffe fell victim to Baby Goat's chamrs in Round Five, like so many of his fellow friends in the animal kingdom. Baby Goat earned his spot in the championship by getting 57 percent of the vote. 

On the other side of this week's championship match up, we have what some are calling the 1927 Yankees of Baby Animals - the Baby Duckling. Baby Duckling was a #1 seed in our Avian division and proved why he earned his spot in Round 1 winning 63 percent of the vote. 

Round two was just as easy for Baby Duckling who quacked his way past an adorable Baby Penguin with 64 percent of the vote. In Round three, Baby Duckling set a record absolutely destroying Baby Hummingbird with 88 percent of the vote! 

However, Baby Duckling finally learned he had competition with Baby Hedgehog. Round Five was a nailbiter, with voters going back and forth. In the end, the two were seperated by ONE vote, and Baby Duckling went ahead and earned his spot in the championship game. 

So, who will it be? It's up to you Gary and Shannon fans! It all comes down to this. You hold these adorable little animal's fates in your hand. 

Will it be the Cinderella story: Baby Goat? Or will Baby Duckling prove he's the king of the jungle? Who goes home with the big trophy?

The only way to find out is to vote! You can do so here. 

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