They're Not Morning People

I have spent more than half my life getting up at 1:45am to be at work by 3am.

This week, that all changed.  Now, I'm getting up at 3:45am, which I know doesn't sound much different, but trust me...IT'S A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!

Things I've noticed about getting up at 3:45am instead of 1:45am?

  • It doesn't feel like I'm getting up 'in the middle of the night'
  • I have time to actually make breakfast and a cup of tea before leaving for work (instead of rushing to make it and bring it with me only to eat it at my desk)
  • It's only taking me 2 minutes longer to get to work
  • There are many, MANY more assholes on the road at 4:45am than there is at 2:45am

Pretty soon I'll be able to get up at 5am, with the goal of doing daily morning yoga, showering, feeding the dogs then leaving for I anticipate there will be many MORE assholes on the road if I leave at 6:15am.

Thankfully, I've always been a morning person (i'm the white chihuahua in that video above), and up until now, my dogs have been forced to be morning dogs.  But now they're all in a tizzy because their routine is thrown off, so until there's a new routine, they'll be wondering WTF is going on?

Meet Gabby & Gus.  They're two Boston terriers that live in Oregon with their human, Kristina. 

Well, it looks like Gabby has a morning routine of her own, Kristina says she does this every day. Looks like Gabby doesn't much like to get up and start the day!

Here are some more dogs that aren't 'morning' people either.... 

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