Crash That Killed Family May Have Been Intentional

Police in Northern California say it appears that a crash that killed at least five family members last week was intentional.  Neighbor Dana DeKalb tells NBC News there was trouble at the Hart home before the crash.

"They portray this happy little family, and yet, you know, the night before, their daughter is telling us, "Please, please please..." begging us not to make her go back and that they were abusing her."

That's a claim that some friends of the family have disputed.  Search crews have recovered the bodies of parents Jennifer and Sarah Hart and three of their adopted children after their SUV drove off a cliff in Mendocino County on March 26th.  Three other children are still missing and California Highway Patrol says they could have been swept away by the ocean.  Police still don't know which parent was driving at the time of the incident.

Family friends of the Hart's say they were a good family. 

"Jen and Sarah were the most loving two moms that we ever could have seen on this earth caring for six beautiful adopted children." 

Unfortunately, the mystery of what happened may have to wait as Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman says, the Hart's vehicle left little evidence to examine. 

"It was a very confusing scene, because there were no skid marks, there were no brake marks." 

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