Wife of Pulse Nightclub Shooter Acquitted of all Charges

Noor Salman has been found not guilty of assisting Omar Mateen carry out his mass shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando that claimed the lives of 49 people. 

The jury delivered their final verdict of Friday, after three days of deliberation. Salman left the courthouse holding hands with her defense attorney, Fritz Scheller as she refused to answer any questions. 

Salman and her family cried in court as the verdict was read. Had she been convicted, the 31-year-old mother would have faces life in prison. 

“Happy Friday. It’s Good Friday,” Salman’s uncle, Al Salman, said outside the courthouse later. 

He thanked his niece’s attorneys, the judge and the jury. 

“Now, we’re looking forward to taking my niece and hiring a therapist for her,” he said. “I don’t know how she’s going to make up for the last two years. … I said, day one, that she’s innocent and I would stand here in front of you when the jury comes with the verdict to tell you, ‘I told you so.’” 

“Now,” he said, “I came here to tell you: ‘I told you so.’” 

Pulse Shooter's Widow Found Not Guilty Of Aiding Her Husband - Thumbnail Image

Pulse Shooter's Widow Found Not Guilty Of Aiding Her Husband

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