Santa Ana City Leaders Plan To Sue Orange County Over Homeless Problem

Santa Ana city leaders will sue orange county over its homeless problem

The fight for over a homeless camp in the Santa Ana Riverbed isn't over yet. The Santa Ana City council say they plan to take legal action against Orange County over its homeless problem. The Santa Ana Riverbed was cleared out in favor of moving those people into nearby motels under a longer-term solution could be found.

Hundreds of homeless people have now moved into a new encampment at the city's civic center. Council member Vicente Sarmiento says they want the county to finally take action. 

"Nobody takes pleasure in suing anybody. It's not to be litigious. But there just isn't a legislative fix to this," Sarmiento said. "We've been too nice for far too long." 

Sarmiento says he doesn't want to just push the homeless back to the riverbed and wants the county to come up with more solutions. 

"When have they stepped up and said, you know what? This is a regional problem. Let's all work together on this." 

Photo: Getty Images

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