#MoOnTheMovies Delivers A Spoiler-Free Review Of "Ready Player One"

As it is Friday, it is time for #MoOnTheMovies!

There's really only one big film of note that is being released this week, another Steven Spielberg production, Ready Player One.

This sci-fi thriller has players competing against each other in a virtual reality videogame for control of the future.

@MrMoKelly saw the film earlier this week, and he is quite a fan of it.

"Really enjoyed Ready Player One.

It is an allegory on life today, but unfortunately the people who will enjoy it most will need to be a minimum of 40 years old, if not older to get most of the references and appreciate the nostalgia.

It is an homage for every person who was a child of the 70s and 80s."

We're all excited for it!

There's a couple other movies to look forward to this weekend.

First, there's God's Not Dead 3: A Light In Darkness.

Also, Tyler Perry's Acrimony comes out this week.

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