Council Members in Santa Ana Have Sued Their Mayor

Councilmembers in Santa Ana have brought a lawsuit against their mayor to change the way the city votes. The council wants to stop voting as a city, and vote by district. The city says changing the way the city votes would be fairer for underrepresented communities. The rule change, calling for votes by district would force a special election in June, however Mayor Miguel A. Pulido, will not sign off.  

Currently, the whole city votes for each council member instead of by district. The cities commissioner says this is causing the Vietnamese community, a majority in two districts, to be underrepresented. 

The Mayor, speaking through his attorney Mark Rosen says this is a trick because three of the council members are termed out this year and wish to remain in power.

"They're trying to do it by taking money from their liability fund, that's to pay off people who slip and fall or have accidents - to use that for their special election. 

He says spending $200,000 on a special election in June when there is a free one in November is improper.  

 He believes the council is not following the rules and need to hold this election by the book.

"...and they see this as a vehicle to extend their terms. That's why there's such a push to do it in June as opposed to November when they'd have a regular election anyway."

The Santa Ana city commissioner disagrees. He says the rule change is strictly about the voters who aren’t being represented under the current system.

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