Bentley: The Bulldog With Irrational Fears

If you're a pet owner, dog, cat, lizard, bunny, horse, know that sometimes pets have fears that seem strange to us.

Take, for instance, my dogs.  Princess, for instance, is scared of salad tongs, but she's fearless when it comes to the vacuum.

Roxy is pretty much scared of anything.  Grip a water bottle, open a bag of chips or drop something on the floor and she's up the stairs faster than a speeding bullet!

But I've never seen anything quite like Bentley the Bulldog.  

He's scared of: wires, ladders, hallways, corners, shiny floors and more...and he has the cutest way of dealing with it.

But there's one thing he's NOT afraid of and it's pretty surprising to see how relaxed it makes him.

Bentley's dad, Brad Friesen is a helicopter pilot.  So imagine his surprise when he found out the one thing that Bentley was NOT afraid of. 

Check out Bentley's fears and how he deals with them below. 

You can follow more of Bentley's adventures on Brad's YouTube page

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