Major Protest Outside of OC Board of Supervisor Homeless Dumping Meeting

Hundreds of outraged residents showed up to Tuesday morning's OC Board of Supervisor's meeting called to discuss the homeless dumping proposals AND the sanctuary city laws.  

The protestors started lining up as early as 7:30am for the 9am meeting.  

An overflow of protestors had to stay outside of the building holding signs that read "NO TENT CITY IN IRVINE" and "PROTECT OUR CHILDREN" as they chanted "NO TENT CITY!" While a small group of local homeless responded "LOVE THE HOMELESS". 

One resident protestor, Vivian Chen, is angry about the proposed sites because one it close to her son's school while the other is in the park where he plays soccer. 

“We work hard to keep our kids safe,” she said. “We chose Irvine because it’s very safe. “We are concerned about the homeless people, but we are concerned about our kids, too.” 

Anthony Kuo, an Irvine planning commissioner, said: “This is truly an Irvine thing. Actually it goes a little beyond Irvine because we are getting a lot of support from Laguna Niguel and San Clemente, because they know that once this happens in Irvine, it can happen anywhere. 

“This is really the (county) board pushing off a problem to the cities when it’s a county responsibility,” he said. 

Listen to KFI News Reporter Andrew Mollenbeck speak to John and Ken live from the meeting

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