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Gary and Shannon's Baby Animal Bracket

The word we used last week for round one was UPSET, and Round Two has earned a nickname of its own: BLOWOUT!

Results for this week's matchups were decidedly more lopsided as people had zero problems identifying which baby animal they thought was the cutest. 

The Air bracket's number one seed proved exactly why they were ranked so high after Baby Ducking destroyed Baby Wombat, garnering 63 percent of the vote. The humiliated marsupial was sent back down under while Baby Duckling celebrated with some frozen peas and corn with nary a slice of white bread in sight (Baby Duckling is trying to live the gluten-free lifestyle, so please respect his choices).

The second blowout of the night came courtesy of Baby Penguin, who had a great showing in last year's tournament of champions before ultimately losing to Baby Puppy. This year Baby Penguin looks determined to break into that elite eight saying it would leave everything on the court. It paid off for the Baby Penguin as he won 68 percent of the vote, completely outclassing Baby Owl who just couldn't compete this year. 

The third game of the night saw Baby Eagle easily whupping Baby Ostrich in first round action, winning 65 percent of the vote. Baby Ostrich was spotted sticking his head in the ground after his defeat at the hands of America's symbol. Try again next year Baby Ostrich! 

The fourth game of the night was far closer than the rest.  The diminutive Baby Hummingbird may only weigh a few grams, but he brought some heavy weight to the court, and thrilled Baby Animal Bracket fans by winning 59 percent of the vote. 

But the biggest game of the night was between Baby Hedgehog and Baby Chameleon. Baby Hedgehog absolutely dominated his opponent with an impressive 79 percent of the vote! It's a defeat so humiliating no one's seen Baby Chameleon since (although that could just be because of his camouflage).

Baby Pufferfish huffed and puffed and fizzled out after a poor showing in his match up against Baby Anteater who easily dispatched the fish with 77 percent of the vote. Baby Pufferfish talked a big game, but couldn't follow through and will have to go home deflated until next year. 

One of our closest games of the night came between Baby Stingray and Baby Octopus. Both traded the lead over the course of voting, but it ultimately slipped out of Baby Octopus's eight hands and Baby Stingray won the night with 52 percent of the vote. 

Finally, Baby Prairie Dog and Baby Wombat turned the cuteness all the way up to eleven, but a late-breaking Baby Prairie Dog gained the edge toward the end, winning with nearly 60 percent of the vote. 

Vote in Round Three of Baby Animal Bracket Action HERE!

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