Police Ask for Time Investigating Stephon Clark Death in Sacramento

The national spotlight has been on Sacramento following the shooting death of an unarmed black man by local police. Stephon Clark was shot in his own backyard by Sacramento police on March 18 after officers responded to call about a black man breaking into cars in a Meadowview neighborhood. 

A police helicopter spotting a man fitting the caller's description. The man was Stephon Clark. When officers attempted to apprehend Clark, he ran to the side and then backyard of his Grandmother's home. Dark and shaky police camera footage show officers demand Clark show his hands before believing Clark had a gun and firing. 

Clark was found to have an iPhone in his hand and not the gun officers thought they saw. A glaring problem with this incident comes as backup officers are arriving one shouts, "Hey Mute..." And all body camera footage goes silent. 

Sacramento's police chief believes that the muting builds suspicion and plans to fully investigate that part of the issue. 

Read more at the LA Times 

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