California Man Launches Steam-Powered Rocket Nearly 2,000 Feet

Mojave desert

A California man who tried proving the earth is flat with a rocket launch successfully launched himself almost 2,000 feet into the air over the weekend.  "Mad" Mike Hughes, a limo driver, successfully launched himself in a homemade steam-powered rocket over the weekend to make his case.  

The rocket with the words "research flat earth" on it, was launched into the air above the Mojave desert, reaching an estimated speed of 350 miles-per-hour before the parachute was activated.  Hughes had to deploy a second parachute because the rocket was falling too quickly.  

Hughes made it back to earth safely, but he did say his back was a little sore.  Hughes has spent $20,000 dollars since 2016 on his mission of launching a homemade rocket.  The 61-year-old said he believes the earth is shaped like a frisbee, but he doesn't know for sure.  That's why he wants to go up in space.

Photo: Getty Images

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