#MoOnTheMovies Previews Pacific Rim, Isle Of Dogs, & More

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@MrMoKelly is here to guide us through #MoOnTheMovies, where we will preview Pacific Rim: Uprising, Isle of Dogs, and everything else.

At the end of the monsters-versus-robots flick “Pacific Rim,” a breach at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean is closed, plugging a hole that allowed hellish creatures to emerge and terrorize the globe. But after the movie earned $400 million worldwide, was that portal really going to stay closed?

No, of course not. And, with sincere apologies to the front-line cities on the Pacific Rim facing a mauling, we say thank goodness, because the new sequel “Pacific Rim Uprising” is a visually-stunning, expertly crafted dose of cheer-at-the-screen fun. It’s the definition of what a blockbuster sequel should be.

“Pacific Rim Uprising” uses a lighter palette and is geared toward a younger audience than its 2013 predecessor, but it keeps all the key elements, upping the special effects and finding honest moments and humor in the midst of world-destroying carnage. It satisfies on every front.

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There is an out-of-body melancholy that sets in about three quarters of the way through Wes Anderson’s ninth feature “Isle of Dogs.”

Yes, you will be inexplicably wrapped up in the drama of a gang of sickly stop-motion animated dogs who have been exiled to a trash island and are determined to get back to a life of cozy domesticity, enchanted by its artistry and trying your best to suppress your laughter so you don’t miss a beat.

But you also start to realize that it will soon be over and you’ll have to go back to your day bereft of that wit, imagery and storytelling, essentially nursing an acute case of Wes Anderson wistfulness. A small price to pay for 101 minutes of joy, I guess.

With story help from Anderson mainstays Roman Coppola and Jason Schwartzman and new addition Kunichi Nomura, Anderson writes a fable of sorts set 20 years in the future, when canine flu has infected an entire population of dogs, causing manic behavior, weight loss and adorable sneezing. It’s also sparked an anti-dog mania in Japan that has left some searching for a cure and others eager to just rid the country of the problem. The leader, Mayor Kobayashi (Nomura) and his ghoulish henchmen Major-Domo (Akira Takayama) respond in turn by exiling all dogs to a trash island and rejecting any possibility of a scientific solution to the disease.

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