You've Got to See What the Austin Bomber Used as His Alias

Kelly Killmore. 


That must be a joke.  

Psychopath and suspected Austin Bomber Mark Conditt wore a disguise using a hat and shoulder length blonde wig and the pseudonym Kelly Killmore to ship two bombs with FedEx just before 7:30pm on Sunday, March 18, according to law enforcement. 

Bomb technicians and ATF investigators were able to track Conditt using his cellphone and security camera footage. They closed in on him because of his penchant for using exotic batteries in his bombs. 

“We try to identify all the components and we break it down to where the components are sold and who would have bought those and if they bought multiple components,” ATF Special Agent in Charge Fred Milanowski told ABC News’ Matt Gutman. “Eventually you get to suspects and tie them into other areas. The vehicle and the area, what stores they were at, was there videotape.” 

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