La Tuna Canyon Hillside is Now a Sinkhole

Part of La Tuna Canyon Road is closed off indefinitely after it has collapsed and blocked some drainage pipes. Officials say years of drought has dried up the land and it just crumbled. 

"There's very little holding the hillside up. We had five years of drought before the rains came last year and then after that, we had the LA Tuna fire come through here and whatever has survived the drought has been burned away," says LA fire spokesman David Ortiz. 

Geologist have checked on the area every 30 minutes, keeping an eye on the land. However, they’re worried the whole road could collapse.

Officials say there are two problems. One is that the earth is now blocking a drainage pipe which can cause severe flooding and mudflow in the area. Two, the land is so dry the entire road can go at any time. 

LAPD has issued their mandatory evacuation notice. In a tweet posted, the department stated: 

"Mandatory evacuations of the 8300 block to the 9000 block of La Tuna Canyon remain in effect. This hillside is within the area that has been evacuated. No structures were damaged due to the erosion of this hillside."

Although no homes are directly nearby, the 24 homes down the road have been effected. 

Crews from LA Public Works are also busy assisting by clearing debris from streets and drains in the area to avoid any further problems. 

A flash flood warning remains in effect until 5 AM Friday. 

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