Sheriff to Trump: Spectacular Failures Every Day in California

Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones visited the White House this week to meet with President Trump. They spoke about immigration and Jones explicitly told the President that California is full of "spectacular failures" when it comes to detaining and jailing dangerous criminal immigrants. 

Jones was part of a group of law enforcement officials and lawmakers to participate in a round table discussions with Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and ICE director James Homan. They gathered to discuss enforcement in sanctuary cities and the growing tensions with local governments who refuse to comply. 

"There are spectacular failures every single day around California, and I’m sure beyond, of folks that ICE wants as part of their priority, criminals, that are going to go out and at a known recidivism rate and victimize other folks that we’re unable to capture, apprehend and keep detained for deportation," Scott told Trump. 

Listen to Sheriff Jones speak to John and Ken on today's show at 5pm. 

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