Trump: Texas Bomber is Very Sick, We'll Get to the Bottom of it

Speaking from the White House Tuesday, President Trump stated that whoever is responsible for the bombs in Texas is "very sick" and he promised to "get to the bottom of it". 

Trump's comments followed the bombing of a FedEx plant in Schertz Texas. Authorities were also investing a second suspicious package at a different FedEx plant in Austin Texas. It is believed that these bombs are related to the Austin bombings. 

FedEx released a statement: 

"We are thankful that there were no serious injuries from this criminal activity," the company said. "We have provided law enforcement responsible for this investigation extensive evidence related to these packages and the individual that shipped them collected from our advanced technology security systems." 

President Trump said that everyone is working very hard to find the perpetrators: 

"The bombings in Austin are terrible," Trump said. "Local, state, federal are working hand-in-hand to get to the bottom of it. This is obviously a very, very sick individual – and maybe individuals. These are sick people, and we will get to the bottom of it." 

Device Explodes Inside FedEx Building Near Austin - Thumbnail Image

Device Explodes Inside FedEx Building Near Austin

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