A Creepy Fake Baby & A Stupid Fake Name

Whether you believe that dolls can be haunted or not, one thing is certain, this doll is CREEPY!

The doll, which has vampire teeth and a fake bottle of blood next to it, was recorded sitting on an unmarked grave.

It is hard to tell if the eyes are actually following the camera or if it just an optical illusion, but the result is a terrifying one for sure!

One person dubbed it "The Doll of the Devil."

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Joseph Boren - Courtesy of Indian River County Jail

Was he in the middle of getting a haircut?

Sorry, that's beside the point.

A man was arrested in Florida yesterday after a call sent police to a residence where he was arguing loudly with his girlfriend.

What's the man's name, you ask?

Captain Dickhead.

Well, that's what the genius told them...

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