Los Alamitos Mayor Taking on Fight Against Sanctuary Cities

Los Alamitos' Mayor Pro Tem has proposed to exempt his city from the so-called Sanctuary City laws explaining that state legislators are "bullying us into violating our oath of office". 

Warren Kusumoto's proposed ordinance to opt out of the new law will be voted on Monday night. 

“This is our way of going on record saying we’re going to comply with the U.S. Constitution. California legislators are bulling local elected officials into violating our oath of office,” he said Monday. 

The law Kusumoto is fighting is SB-54, also called the California Values Act, seeks to limit cooperation between federal immigration authorities and local government agencies. 

“I look at the U.S. Constitution. I look at the state constitution. I look at the SB-54 law as it was amended, and then I looked at California government code – and I said ‘We can’t comply with this,'” Kusumoto said. “I’m no lawyer, but I feel these things are in conflict.” 

“This is our way of going on record saying, ‘We’re going to comply with the U.S. Constitution’, Kusumoto said. 

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