Who Would You Be If You Were a Muppet?

I'm pretty sure that everyone loves The Muppets.

Well, did you know that apparently, there's a muppet to fit every personality?

Seriously!  There's a quiz to determine which muppet reflects your personality.

I made the entire morning crew take the quiz and here's how it played out...(since I know Handel so well, I took it for him):

  • Handel: Gonzo
  • Gary: Fozzie
  • Shannon: Rowlf
  • Jennifer Jones Lee: Fozzie
  • Wayne Resnick:  Janice
  • Producer Michelle: Rowlf
  • Producer Alex: Janice
  • Board Op Jon: Fozzie 

See what muppet matches your personality... CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE QUIZ.

I'm a little disappointed, I really like Rowlf, but i was hoping I would be one of the Manamanah monsters!  (You're welcome, this will be in your head ALL day now!)

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