Joshua Tree Family Living in Extreme Poverty Given a New Home

The Joshua Tree couple found living with their three children in a plywood shack hope to get their kids back now that they have a proper home to live in. 

Daniel Panico and Monica Kirk visited their new home, bought and furnished with donations from a GoFundMe set up by their friend Jackie Klear. Their lawyers intend to argue that Panico and Kirk are not abusive, just that they're poor and that for this reason, the charges against them should be dropped. 

The three children were taken into custody when the parents were arrested last month, there has been no contact since then. 

While Panico fought back tears thanking everyone for their donations and expressing that it has been his dream to have a home like this for his family, Kirk recounted her fear the day she and her husband were arrested: 

“I came out of the fort and there were three deputies holding their guns out and screaming for the kids to come out." 


Read the full story at NBC News 

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