Parents of NYC Helicopter Crash Victim Sues for Negligence

The parents of one of the men killed in the New York City helicopter crash is suing the pilot and the company for negligence.

Nancy and Jerry Cadigan, parents of Trevor Cadigan, are claiming that Liberty Helicopters failed to prepare passengers in case of a crash and that it did not provide adequate maintenance on its helicopter to keep it from tipping over.

They are also accusing the pilot, Richard Vance, of not giving a proper safety briefing to the passengers and after freeing himself he didn't take the steps to save the other passengers.

Vance told investigators that the passenger's harness got wrapped around the fuel shut-off switch, cutting off the supply and resulting in engine failure.

ABC News spoke to the lawyer representing the Cadigans, Gary Robb, who said what Vance says happened seemed highly unlikely.

"I find it implausible that a strap could cause that lever to be actuated because you have to pull it up and back," Robb said. "These open door helicopters are death traps," Robb said. 

"You need to be an escape artist like Houdini if you're upside down and in cold water." 

In a statement announcing the lawsuit this evening, Robb said: "The family wants this helicopter operator to be held fully accountable for their son's death and to cease and desist this terribly unsafe open-door flight operation. It is their strongest desire that this should never happen again."

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