White House Introduces Gun Violence Reduction Proposals

The White House has announced a plan to reduce gun violence in schools which includes using federal funds to train school staff on using concealed weapons.

The plan would also create a federal panel to study age restrictions on buying guns and the other changes in laws and will make recommendations later..

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos will chair the new Federal Commission on School Safety, which would study increasing the age to buy some guns to 21, the effect of violence in media on children, and what are the best violence-prevention strategies.

Other parts to the White House proposal include:

  • Helping states in training school staff to use firearms
  • Hire military veterans and retired police as safety personnel
  • Support legislation to improve background checks for gun purchases
  • Support the proposed STOP School Violence Act, which will provide funding for safety improvements 
  • With court approval, have states allow police to remove firearms from people who are considered a threat to themselves or others
  • Ban bump stock devices that can make some firearms function as machine guns
  • Form the Federal Commission on School Safety to study age restrictions for gun purchases and the effects of violent media on children and press coverage of mass shootings

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