Villaraigosa Won't Identify as 'Former Mayor' on Governor Ballot

Antonio Villaraigosa served as the Mayor of Los Angeles from 2005-2013 but he will not be using that as his official title in his bid for Governor of California. Villaraigosa will instead be identified as a 'Public Policy Advisor' in reference to his most recent profession. 

Villaraigosa left office nearly five years ago and has since become a consultant of sorts to various companies including alleged pyramid scheme supplement company Herbalife, Banc of California, and Cadiz.  

Candidates will often workshop and pay for polling groups to evaluate a title that is the most flattering and most likely to win votes while still following the state's regulations. 

State Treasurer John Chiang is not a fan of Villaraigosa's title: 

"Let's be real, the only thing Antonio Villaraigosa can currently advise on is how to best target innocent Californians," said Chiang's spokesman, Fabien Levy, pointing to work Villaraigosa has done for Herbalife, Cadiz and Edelman. 

Read more at the LA Times

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