#MoOnTheMovies: A Wrinkle In Time & Death Wish


If it has to be reviewed in one word, A Wrinkle in Time is underwhelming.

We've all heard that the trailers have the most interesting parts and all the funniest parts.  In this case, that is absolutely true.  

It is just straight boring...well, if you are an adult.

None of us are kids, so we can't speak to that perspective, but for grown people it is just not good.  

If you were hoping that it might have some of those hidden adult jokes that go straight over kids' heads, you will be disappointed.

Then there is Death Wish, which most certainly is not for children.

The interesting thing about this movie is the comparison to the original.

Will it be a straight remake?  

Will it fit itself into today's culture?  

That is how Vincent D'Onofrio explained the film to @MrMoKelly on The Mo'Kelly Show.

Luckily, for the film, the original came out so long ago that this one may be able to separate itself from the original and have even more success than the first one.

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