Success from Beer Shelves...

Inspiration can hit anywhere and for then Villanova college student Matt Williams, his came in the urinal at a bar.

Yup...while taking a whiz as a semi-drunk college kid, Williams now makes almost $2 million dollars from his invention the LavCup!

As Williams explains:

"I put my beer down on the urinal, like I always do, and water from the flush valve dripped in. I was kind of grossed out, but also thinking about drinking it.

I walk out, and I see a line by the bathroom...Everyone in line is carrying beer, the women are carrying purses walking in, and I'm like, 'This is crazy. Why isn't there a functional piece in the bathroom?'"

He says he pictured something like a small shelf that was big enough to hold a beer, phone or purse.

As he pondered that, he remembered seeing a newspaper he was reading at the urinal.

So wanting to marry the idea of a shelf and something that a captive audience would read.

Over the next few months, he mulled over his idea and managed to scrape together $65,000 by borrowing from his father, two investors and maxing out credit cards.

This funding led to the LavCup, with the tagline, "Because you can't hold it."

The LavCup is a small shelf with a non-stick rubber mat and an antimicrobial silver ion built in to keep it sanitary.

The brilliance, and what ultimately got Williams' his millions, is that he actually doesn't sell the physical shelves...the company gives them to stadiums and arenas for free and they sell the advertising, splitting the revenue. 

Listen to Gary & Shannon talk about LavCup.

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