A Wisconsin Governor's Race Candidate Ad Features Her Breastfeeding

A candidate in Wisconsin’s governor's race released a campaign ad that shows a shot of her breastfeeding while talking about her politics.

Kelda Roys, a former Wisconsin state rep spent the majority of her ad talking about her role in the 2010 BPA Free Kids Act that became law.

But while that's impressive, what made her ad a headline was the moment when her husband off camera hands her their fussy 4-month-old baby.

Without skipping a beat, Roys begins breastfeeding her baby and finishes her point about the government helping people reach their potential.

When later interviewed by the Huffington Post, Roys says the moment wasn't a ploy or pre-planned in anyway.

“Anybody who’s ever had a baby can tell you that they are unpredictable. I just did what I have been trained by her to do, which is to immediately grab her and feed her, and I just sort of didn’t think about it.

When they sent back the video and it was in there, I just said, ’What the heck, this is real life’.” I think, in 2018, people are hungry for candidates who are authentic and speak the truth. I don’t want to have to hide a really important part of myself in order to win an election.”

Some people have since attacked her online for the ad, but she says in general people have been rather supportive.

“I’ve had a tremendous amount of support and encouragement from people ― even Republican women.

Of course, there have been some haters and internet trolls. ... Some men just feel, I guess, entitled to comment on my body. But the story of 2018 isn’t about internet trolls. The story of 2018 is about women rising up.”

Roys is one of over a dozen candidates trying to unseat the current governor Scott Walker.

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