Arrests of Homeless on the Rise

The LAPD has had to defend itself after receiving criticism for their enhanced enforcement against the cities out of control homeless problem. While officers attempt alternative strategies of dealing with the homeless, sometimes arrests are needed to manage the situation. 

"As a last resort, a tool, one tool of many tools, we turn to enforcement," Cmdr. Dominic H. Choi, the LAPD's homelessness coordinator, told the Police Commission during a discussion of the department's year-end homelessness report. "We have to have a balanced approach." 

Misdemeanor arrests of homeless people rose by 10% in 2017 at 14,500 arrests made by the LAPD. The numbers are up in part by officers enforcing 'quality of life' infractions which include people sleeping or storing their stuff on the public sidewalks. Trespassing and nonviolent drug arrests also increased. 

Read more at the LA Times 

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